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  • Dr. Maria Pandolfi

Filipino Social Worker Recognized

Updated: Apr 16

Dr. Maria Pandolfi is a seasoned clinical practitioner, researcher and educator with a strong background in counseling, collaborative work, advocacy, service planning, and intensive care and crisis management.

In 2015, she co-founded Pandolfi Counseling Associates with a mission to help individuals and families who are in transitions from their losses and other transitional changes, in order to find their new beginnings, to regain their full potentials and to remain active, productive and self-sufficient members of their community.

Dr. Pandolfi is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with a Doctorate degree (EdD) in Counseling Psychology and a Master In Social Work (MSW). She is a qualified clinical supervisor, a field educator and national presenter in the areas of acculturation and behavioral health disability.

As a goal oriented and strategic thinker, Dr. Pandolfi values top quality and excellent results and is passionate for continuous learning and self-improvement.

Dr. Pandolfi is a Persian Gulf veteran, raised by an immigrant family and is fluent in Tagalog and other dialects from the Philippines.

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