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Fees, FAQs, Forms


What To Expect

How Much Do Sessions Cost?

Most individual sessions are $150-250 per 45  minutes to an hour.


As new clients, we will verify your insurance coverage or out of network benefits when making an initial appointment, if that will be your intended payment method. 


Otherwise, sliding scales are available. Currently, we accept credit cards, PayPal, cash, or checks.

Do You Work with EAP Clients?
Dr. Maria Pandolfi is a certified  Employee Assistance Specialist, and can work with clients who are covered by:



Morneau Shepell 



Health Advocate


Workplace Solutions

New Directions

Will You Bill My Insurance?
If you have one of the following health care plans:


Blue Cross / Blue Shield

Independence Blue Cross/Highmark

United Healthcare


Humana Military


We will bill your insurance for the counseling that is covered by your plan. You will still be financially responsible for any co-pay.  Additionally, until your plan deductible has been met, you will also be financially obligated to pay the entire fee.

If you have a different insurance plan that accepts out of network providers, you will pay directly at the start of each session, and we will give you a special receipt that you can use to submit for reimbursement from your carrier. 


If you don't have insurance, or don't want to use it for mental health care, you will not be billed. Payment will be required at the start of each session. Clients are not allowed to postpone payment, but may pay for a number of appointments in advance for a slight discount.

Can I Use My FSA ?
Flexible Spending Account
Check with your employer's FSA plan to see if they cover mental health care. Be aware, though, that using an FSA for counseling could have a detrimental impact on promotions, security background checks, and other employment-related situations, and might violate your privacy in ways that are unforeseen.

Do You Offer a Sliding Scale?
Depending on the financial hardship of your current situation, sliding scale might be available on a limited basis for a short time. The exact sliding scale fee is determined by your annual income, and is considered for clients whose annual income is less than $30,000. Ask about eligibility at our first meeting.

What If My Check Bounces
or my Card is Denied?

In the situation of a bounced check, we can take replacement payment in the form of cash, PayPal or credit (not debit) card.  You will also be charged whatever the bank charges us for submitting a check when an account has insufficient funds to cover it.


If your check bounces, we will notify you immediately, and just like  If your credit or debit card is denied, you are expected to pay for that session before or at the next scheduled appointment.  As a small business trying to keep our fees as low as possible, we are sorry that we cannot allow clients to run a "tab" for unpaid services. Appointments will not be held when you owe for past sessions.

What if I Miss or Have to
Reschedule a Session?

We require clients to give at least 24 hours notice when they have to reschedule, except in situations of contagious illness and medical emergency. Appointments can be rescheduled by phone.


When you forget an appointment, you are still financially obligated for it.  We require all new clients to leave a signed, undated check on file for the amount of a session for such eventualities.


If you can reschedule for the same week, the late cancellation or missed appointment fee may be waived.

Are Sessions Confidential?
Within the full extent of the law, yes, your sessions are confidential.  We never discuss our work with clients with friends, family, or casual social acquaintances. Your identity and the details you disclose are just between us -- except for what our therapist is required to divulge. 


As a mandated reporter, our providers are required to disclose any plans to harm others or yourself, and may be required to report any knowledge of felonies you have committed for which you were not charged. 


Additionally, if you use an insurance plan to pay for your sessions, we may be required to provide them with notes about our sessions as a condition of their payment or reimbursement. 


As a licensed provider, we are ethically obligated to consult with more experienced professionals who are similarly licensed or to get supervision for their work with clients when warranted or required by law.  


In such cases, the details of your case may be discussed, although you name will be withheld.

How Long are the Sessions, and
How Many Will I Need?

Sessions are typically 45- 60 minutes,  and are usually scheduled once a week on the same day and time to facilitate consistency, accountability, and faster progress. 


It is impossible to predict how many sessions you might need before I know your history and what issues are troubling you.  we will discuss the possibilities with you once we are working together.

Can I Call or Email You Between Sessions if I Have Questions?
Between sessions we may be difficult to reach, but if your question is urgent you are welcomed to leave a voicemail or email asking us to contact you.


We may be able to answer a quick question pertaining to an assignment we’ve outlined for you, but more general questions, or questions about issues that you haven’t yet introduced in sessions should wait for your next appointment time.


If you have an emergency and need immediate support, leave a message to that effect, and we will do our best to arrange a phone, secure video call , or in person session as soon as possible.

What if I Need a Different Specialist?
We have referral and consulting arrangements with a number of colleagues in various fields, should you need assistance beyond what we can provide.


When needed, we will provide you with a list of names and contact information.  We will refer clients to other providers when we deem that to be in their best interest. 


At times we may determine that a particular technique that we are not credentialed to provide – such as divorce mediation, hypnosis, biofeedback, EMDR, etc – may facilitate or expedite your progress. We have a set of trusted colleagues, one of whom we will refer you to if you need a special therapeutic technique.

Are There Issues or People
You Don't Work With?

Yes.  Due to the limits of our license, training and education, and professional interests, we refrain from working with sex offenders, and persons with substance abuse issues.   


Problems or issues that we choose not to work with in our practice would include:


Eating disorders

Conduct disorders


Psychotic episodes

Self injury

Pre-surgical gender reassignment

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