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Dr. Maria Pandolfi

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Pandolfi specializes in solution focused, person centered counseling. She is experienced in imago therapy, marriage consultation, training, and supervision. She provides individual and couples counseling. 

Counseling to Heal & Overcome

At Pandolfi Counseling Associates you get person-centered, supportive, solution focused services to help you create new beginnings and new perspectives in life.  You'll learn how to achieve your full potential for remaining active, productive, and self-sufficient.  With the proper tools and techniques, you'll be able to identify, sequence and implement the necessary changes and actions that will create a healthier and balanced life. Reaching your ultimate goals starts here.

  • depression

  • stress

  • traumatic situations

  • emotional abuse

  • family conflict

  • separation or divorce

  • midlife crisis

  • losses and transitions

Counseling Services

Pandolfi Counseling Associates provides counseling services to individuals and families who are going through life’s challenges and personal difficulties such as relationship issues, losses, and separations, and wish to seek healthy coping and new beginnings.

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Stress or Anger

Stress and anger are often two sides of the same problem, and both could be doing damage to your career success, your marriage, your physical health, and your sense of well-being and happiness.

Counseling will help you identify your stressors, manage your anger, and avoid the damage.

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Feeling deeply sad, lost or bored with your life circumstances, unmotivated to seek change or make improvements, constantly tired, and withdrawing from friends and family can be signs of depression. 

Depression can last weeks, months, and even years, but it doesn't have to. Counseling helps.

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Families & Relashionships

Conflict and arguments happen in every interpersonal relationship when family members and partners have stopped listening to each other, or haven't learned to speak with kindness and clarity.


Holding unshared expectations can also be a source of relationship problems that can lead to estrangement and divorce. Relationship counseling will help you work things out.

Meet Dr. Maria Pandolfi

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

After decades of experience, formal preparation, and a deep-seated passion for helping others in need of counseling, Dr. Maria Pandolfi established [the] Pandolfi Counseling Associates, Inc. Opened in 2015, her mission is to bring energy and passion to her practice while providing the necessary tools to those in search of healthy living and healthy relationship.  Pandolfi Counseling Associates is a minority, women, and veteran-owned business







Dr. Pandolfi has been

instrumental in getting me the tools I needed to work with my relationship problems. The assignments have been insightful to help me focus on myself and the things I need to improve.




Compassionate and very understanding of my situation, willing to work with my schedule and accommodating which most of the therapist are not able to provide.




Quick response to my inquiry and was able to accommodate my needs within reasonable time. 


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